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Meet The Provider

Discover the Heart of The Little Village

Photo of Ms. Taylor

Taylor Rivera

Family Child Care Provider

Hello! I'm Taylor, the owner and provider at The Little Village Preschool & Childcare. 

As a mother and military spouse, I understand firsthand the difficulties and unique challenges that come with balancing the demands of military life and parenthood. The seemingly constant deployments, relocations, and absence of a traditional support system can leave us feeling isolated and overwhelmed. It was during my own journey that I truly understood the meaning of "it takes a village to raise a child". We had recently moved overseas when my husband unexpectedly got tasked to deploy short notice. I was working full time at the child development center on base, going to school online and taking care of our 4 year old daughter in a new country where I knew no one, I felt completely alone.

I learned about the Family Child Care Program through a flyer saying that the providers offer free child care for deployments, permanent change of station and extended duty. I was so grateful for this service when I was struggling to balance all of my responsibilities and obligations. I decided that I wanted to use the skills I've gained working at child development centers to be a bigger part in the support system for military families. This is what lead me to become a family child care provider, so that I could be a small part of the village that every parent needs and deserves. With a passion for early childhood education, and providing children with a nurturing and loving environment, I founded The Little Village to offer children a home away from home where they can learn and grow, while giving parents the peace of mind to focus on work or take a much deserved break. I have worked in the early childhood education field since 2019 and am proud to have received the family child care provider of the year award of 2023 in Misawa Air Base Japan.


I believe that every child deserves the highest quality care and education, and I am so excited to be a part of their journey.

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